Florida Vehicle Status Report

By providing either the motor vehicle registration (license plate) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can receive an official report on your vehicle as provided from the files of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The Florida Vehicle Report lists ownership and descriptive information on the vehicle as well as information on any leins for your protection, and to comply with State and Federal regulations. Personal information (e.g. names, addresses and social security numbers) is not displayed on your report. Your report is identified by its license plate number or VIN as provided by you and displayed on the Florida Vehicle Report.

For Individuals

Individuals may order a copy of their own Florida Motor Vehicle Report.

This comprehensive report details:

  • Any liens against your vehicle
  • The State of Florida's record of your vehicle

Use this report to verify that State of Florida has the correct information about your vehicle and avoid any adverse consequences. Your report will be immediately delivered to by email.

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For Business

Businesses may order Florida Motor Vehicle Status reports as part of their vehicle purchasing procedures or any other use allowable under Florida law. Insurance companies may order status reports for underwriting purposes on new or existing customers.

Reports include detailed information on the State of Florida's record of motor vehicle, including any liens against the vehicle and the vehicle's year, make and model. All reports are immediately delivered by email.

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